Think Free Liquid 1ltr

Think Free Liquid Supplement 1L

…A Real Game Changer!

Makes your horse almost invisible to all annoying irritations, naturally!

Imagine your horse free to hack, compete & paddock in peace…

Think Free uses PST-22 technology that reacts naturally with the horse’s skin. The skin chemistry is slightly modified to make the horse less visible & less appealing to annoying irritations.

Think Free Liquid 1L & 5L – add daily to feed

  • Feed daily & within 2 to 3 weeks your horse will be calm & relaxed, with no stress from annoying irritations, 24 hours a day every day!
  • Introduce SLOWLY! Feed 10ml per day, for the first 7 days. Thereafter, feed daily 25ml for a 450kg horse & 20ml for ponies.  If feeding twice daily, split the daily dose between the two feeds.
  • Oily skin can reduce the effectiveness of Think Free. If you do not see the desired result, increase the daily dose by 10ml per week until you see the desired coverage. Think Free can be fed safely up to 60ml a day.
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