Mitavite Cool Vitality 20kg

COOL VITALITY® is fortified with a premium blend of vitamins and chelated minerals to meet the nutritional requirements of a wide range of horses and activity levels, ranging from pleasure to performance. Fed in conjunction with roughage, you can trust COOL VITALITY® to provide your horse with its daily nutrient requirements.

The combination of the cool conditioning properties of high fibre and oil, quality amino acids derived from micronized lupins and canola meal, and micronized barley, make COOL VITALITY® the ideal choice for weight gain and conditioning.

Quality protein, containing essential amino acids, is required to develop strong, lean muscle and healthy body tissue. COOL VITALITY® contains 15% protein to promote muscle development and maintain healthy body tissue.

COOL VITALITY® Prebiotics promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms within the hindgut and support the horse’s immune system. Probiotics assist fibre fermentation and help stabilise the hindgut microbiome, in turn supporting digestive health. High fibre content supports natural digestive function and hindgut health.

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