Barastoc Low GI Cube 20kg

Barastoc Low GI Cube is the ideal way to provide your horse with a low glycaemic, or low GI horse feed with slow-release energy for breeding, growing and performance horses. A low GI diet that ensures they receive the essential nutrients required for breeding, growing and performance horses. This  balanced  horse feed also minimises the risk of diet-derived disorders such as developmental orthopaedic disease (DOD).

What will Barastoc Low-GI Cube do for my horse?

  • Formulated as a lower starch diet with multiple super fibre sources and added oils in a cube form, Barastoc Low GI provides a research-proven low glycaemic diet ensuring slow release, cool energy.
  • Perfectly balanced for performance and breeding horses intolerant to high grain diets, and young horses at risk of Developmental Orthopaedic Disease.
  • Contains KER Buffered Mineral Complex™ (BMC) for gastric buffering and to enhance bone mineralisation.

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