Barastoc Breed “N” Grow 20kg

Barastoc Breed N Grow is the ultimate full-feed pellet for broodmares, breeding stallions, weanling foals and yearlings. Ensure your foals reach peak development with this highly nutritious horse feed, rich in calcium and many other important minerals.

#1 Feed for Weanling Foals

Barastoc Breed N Grow is the best horse feed to support healthy weanling foals. From conception through to gestation and into the first few years of growth, this fully fortified feed supports the complete nutrient requirements for horses, breeding horses and youngstock. With each pellet loaded with the ideal combination of vitamins and minerals, rapidly developing horses have the best chance of reaching peak physical conditioning with Barastoc Breed N Grow.

What will Barastoc Breed N Grow do for my horse?

  • A low starch formula to support the steady growth of youngstock and help minimise growth and developmental disorders.
  • Fully fortified with vitamins, minerals and bio-available silicon to promote bone development and density, plus maintain skeletal integrity.
  • Pelleted for nutritional consistency to ensure your horse receives the right balance of nutrients in every mouthful.
  • Specially formulated to provide the nutrients required to maximise fertility and conception in breeding stock.
  • Ideal for pregnant and lactating mares, weanlings, yearlings while as a conditioning feed for stallions prior to and during breeding season.

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